5 minute freeblog #1

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My second freeblog, actually written in 5 minutes.

So what should I talk about today? I know, let’s talk about me, even though I hate doing that. I’m 19, live in england, started blogging by writing poetry, needed somewhere to put the poetry so decided to blog it rather than just havie it gather doust in my room, so now it gathers dust on the internet (lonelyrecluse.wordpress.com) but thats mostly it, oh I was studying Cheistry at Uni, but I dropped out, oh well, erm yeah thats me basically all in less than two minutes, who knew I swas so boring. So yeha I’m sober whiole writing this (unlike last night) so it’ll be interesting to see how much difference it makes in the legibility of my writing. Erm, what should I say, I don’t know.

There was a little sparkle

it loved its little life

but then a little spark

came and left it all behind

and who knows what that piece of poetry is about. Don’t we all love nonsense poetry =D. You’ll be glad to know wer’r nearly finished here/ won’t that be just swell. Does anyone actually read these things, or should I just talk to myself? and there is the end of our little rant for tonight. Hope you have a good day, and untill next time, so long and good night.

The Lonely Recluse.


20 Minute freeblog, #1

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Yup this is my first freeblog, it was written in 5 minutes.

ok so I’m starting this drunk, I’m sorry for that but that is how it is, I went for ¬†afreinds party tonight, turned out to be at a social club, didn’t realise i would be drinking but it turned out I was, oh well at least I had enough moeny to pay for it, though I do pwn a mate a couple of pints, sham. it was a good party, pleasnt of beer and whusky as well it as well good. I’m sorry for so many typos but I’m not supposed to go over it really, so I won’t, such id the rules for free writing and freeblogging alike, what do you think of this post>? I’ll problaby looke back over it and think it was aweful, but that is ajob for tomorrow when I’ve sobered up and got over the hangover (though whisky often gives me absolutely terrbile hangopvers) wow the booze is making my typo more than I usualkly do, that mixed with the fact I’m speed tping ,probably makes this aweful to read, I’m really soory if your foolish enough to. Don’t knoew if I’ll check for typos next time, probably not, although chrome is underlining about half what i’ve typed. Wow I thought this’d be over ages ago, but clearly not, why do I have to ceep up a constant stearm of though, it’s so boirng to havge to type what I think, especually whe I’m thinking while drubk, I wonmder what this’ll compare to when I’m sober. Actally that’ll be really interesting, hopefully when I next do a five minute freeblog (probably tomorrow) we’ll see the difference, and if I actually do much better at typing and stuff while sober. Who knows. Wow how long do I have left to type, Isure hope that the way I’ve set my phone to go off ffor this works, I don’t think I can chck I don’t really know. I hope it does, otherwise this’ll be a load of wasted noinsense, instead of just a load o nonsense =D. This’ll be the first time a lot of people have sen this side of me instead of the side that I put across on thelonelyrecluse.wordpress.com ¬†oops prob shouldn’t have made sure that was splet write, but who cares, that’s wha t free writings about isn’t it? wow this;ll look aweful but oh weel at least I’ve got a post up hay, I was more than half tempted to leave it till tomorrow, untill I niticed I’m probably drinking tomorrow as well =D, casn you actually understand what ‘I’ve said, or is it just untter jibberish like I expect. Congratulations if you can work out what to reply to this, I know I couln’t, it’s bloody aweful. How do you kkeep your words clean on a freewrite when your not supposed to even care about grammer and spelling, let allojne what is cultiurally accepted? But I’ll sdo my best, sorry if there’s any swearing (or cussing, or whatever you call it:) ) do I really ave to keep on writeing. Interesting chrome thinks my misspelling ofn Have as Ave is corect becoause of the Latin Ave, whatever it means, isn; it a sor t of greeting? I don’t know, I don’t speak LAtin, just englis h and butecherd french and german, nearly wrote spanish then, I certainly don’t understand that =D, was never taught it at school. I really hope this five minutes are over, I don’t know what to write, and I hope I can leave soon so I can go to sleep.sweet nearlydone it turns out, 4:46 I think acoordong to the timer, ho[pe you have more fun reading this than I did writing this. As I say I was drunk writing this, I’ve had three pints of tetleys, four measures of claymore whiskey (wasn;t amazing, like the jamersons of sktch) and about a glas of (my own) homebrewed wine (rather nice actualyl, especilyy for a white). Believe it or not, I’m no t this bad speaking, or even facebooking someone, it’s becuase I’m not trying to keep my spelling and grammer clean htat this is so bad, please forgiveme, actually don’t most my blogs will be like this, mwahahahaa, poor grammar nazis =P, hahaha, this is now a 20 min free write, because I accidentlyset i t for 5 hours not 5 ins, and that is the end of that.

The Lonely Recluse.

An explanation

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This is to explain what’s happening, I’ve decided to start a freeblog. If you don’t know what a freeblog is, it’s the same as a freewrite but blogged. I’ll hopefully get the first one up tomorrow.

The Lonely Recluse.